Little Unofficial Site

Welcome on my GeneWars fansite.

Since there is very little information about GeneWars on the net, I've decided to make a small site. All Bullfrog games are based on the same rendering engine, and have same file formats, so it was easy for me to extract GeneWars graphics after creating Syndicate Wars and Dungeon Keeper site.

If you liked Warcraft or Command & Conquer, but wish that you could do more research-oriented stuff to go out and create new technologies, then you'll love this sweet title from Bullfrog. GeneWars pits you in a futuristic battle, where the participants in the carnage are generated via fantastic genetic experiments. You'll start the game in an environment with terrain reminiscent of Magic Carpet and Populous, and once you've collected your specimens and built your base, you'll head to the lab to hatch the weapon of your choice. Compete against ferocious aliens or even your blood-thirsty friends via 4 player network play.

Latest changes and news:

- Doubled the size of yellow font
- Added page with maps of planets
- Published the GW game guide
- Added creatures and plants description
- Updated the site code to new PHP